New York Body Armor Ban and How You Can Legally Own Body Armor in New York

strike face armor plate

This is insane, but New York has banned the use of body armor for civilians HERE. I can’t explain the level of insanity here and what classifies as ‘body armor’. Is a thick text book or metal plate considered body armor? I can’t really wrap my head around this, do they think the person who is willing to commit a violent crime is going to NOT going to find some form of body armor if the really wanted it.

This is just another state ripping away your ability to protect and defend…

Below is a list of professions who can legally possess body armor…

Police Officer
Peace Officer
Persons in the Military
Armored Guard
Security Guard
Emergency Medical Technician
Firearms Dealer
Body Armor Retailer/Sales Person
Private Investigator
Building Inspector
Code Enforcement Officer
Firearms Instructor
Professional Journalist
Nuclear Security Officer
Animal Control Officer
Federal Firearms Dealer

Professions under review…
Security or Fire Alarm System Installation, Service or Maintenance Professional
Range Safety Officer
School Building and District Administrator

You whats not on the list? Teachers…YOU…But we can fix that right now….

You’re going to become a Body Armor Retailer /Sales Person!

The determination for a body armor retailer/salesperson is as follows…

“The profession of body armor retailer/salesperson is encompassed within what the 2018 federal Office of Management and Budget Standard Occupational Classification Manual refers to as a “detailed occupation,”5 code 41-2031, titled “Retail Salespersons.” Within the SOC-labeled detailed occupation of “retail salespersons,” a body armor retailer/salesperson purchases and possesses body armor for the purpose of maintaining store inventory.”

Whether you sell ZERO or a thousand, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have intent and the means to sell, you’re good to go. And if you do make any sales as an affiliate, you ‘ll get paid commission by us and you will be responsible for paying taxes on that income. You’re also responsible for abiding by all local laws, etc. However if you happen not to sell any, you don’t need to worry about it.

The full document is here <<

Let’s break this down…

How you can become a body armor retailer or sales person…

Simple – become a body armor sales person for free in our affiliate program here <<.
Then download and fill out your new Bodyguard Retailer/Sales Person Certificate here <<<.
Buy your body armor inventory.
That’s it, you’re finished. Welcome to the team!!

When you’re selling body armor to anyone in New York…
The law requires that “A body armor retailer/salesperson must meet the purchaser to accomplish the sale or delivery, and is also responsible for ensuring sales to only those individuals and entities engaged or employed in an eligible profession. Also encompassed within the lawful sale of body armor is compliance with all State laws, including but not limited to Article 28 of the Tax Law (Sales and Compensating use Taxes), which includes a requirement to register with the Tax Department and obtain a Certificate of Authority when making sales in New York State that are subject to sales tax. The duties of this position are thus necessary for facilitating the lawful purchase or sale of body armor. ”

The term “meet” is not defined and can be something done on-line. But if you sell out of state, you’re good to go. Connecticut is the only state to require someone purchase it “in person” and this day and age, that could mean a number of things. Either way, you could just not  have any luck as a sales person and not sell anything…but that’s OK, keep trying, I have faith in you.

Questions? No problem, post them below…


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