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How it Works

Don’t Be Shy…RIP IT!!

The Bodyguard Backpack is meant to do two things – conceal your armor and be used under stress. When you first get your Bodyguard, it will take a few times for you to get used to how it deploys – STRAIGHT UP AND OVER. Check out the videos below for set up and proper deployment.

To Ensure proper performance of  you Bodyguard Backpack

  1. Make sure the shoulder straps are snug.
  2. Secure the belt.
  3. Clip the chest strap.
  4. Grip the ripcords and pull straight up and over.

You may need to adjust the shoulder straps depending on your height. 

If the front plate carrier doesn’t clear your head on deployment – make them longer. 

If the front plate carrier sits too low on your chest, make them shorter. 

Unboxing and Setting Up the Switchblade

Unboxing and Setting Up the First Responder

Bodyguard Terminology