The Self Defense Company Bodyguard Backpacks, Jackets, Armor and Accessories Return Policy and Guarantee 

All items are IN STOCK.

Most orders ship in 4 days or less…we hold the orders to prevent fraud. There’s a chance we might be temporarily out of stock, in that case the longest you’ll wait is possibly six weeks (worse case scenario). We’re growing tremendously and sometimes we fall behind. Rest assured we’re working hard to keep up. If you need to change delivery address just email us at [email protected]. Do not wait to order because orders are delivered on a first come, first serve basis. Thank you for understanding.

Jackets and Backpacks

You have 30 days after time of shipment for armor, after receipt for non-armor items. The item to return it for a refund or exchange. For any item of greater value on exchange you will be charged the difference on the exchange.

Our liability insurance restricts us from accepting any returned armor after it has left our custody for more than 30 days. All returned items and armor are inspected and there may be addition deductions taken from your refund for damaged or dirty items.


You have the right to cancel any order before it is shipped. However there is a 20% cancellation fee for orders over $4,500.00 US.

Exchange or Return Process

Please make sure to do STEPS 2, 3, 4 and 5 ** or your exchange will not be processed.

You must email [email protected]. Your return will not be processed if you do not email us first. 

  1. Send back to:

Galaxy Logistics
C/O Paula Munoz – Self Defense Company Returns
1578 Sussex Turnpike, Building 3
Randolph, NJ 07869
Phone: 973-431-6013
Email: [email protected]

2. *Make signature required for delivery – failure to do so will not guarantee delivery of your item.

3. Insure the package.

4. Mark your last name and order number on box.

5. *Email tracking info, name, email and order number to [email protected]. This is important.

Once it’s received it will take five business days to process

IMPORTANT– if you send the incorrect information (tracking number, etc) there is a chance your return will not be processed.
If you send it US Postal Service there is a chance it will be lost. If you send it uninsured from the postal service, you will not be able to open a case. We are not responsible for packages that are uninsured and do not require a signature for delivery.

Return postage is at the customer’s expense and shipping costs will be deducted from the refund – this is includes all FREE SHIPPING. The cost of shipping the original order to you will be deducted from your refund.

You may be charged a restocking fee if the item is damaged or dirty and not in 100% condition.

Armor Plates

The return of armor plates is at your own risk due to the nature composite material. Plates may be internally damaged if not shipped or transported correctly. If you return plates that are packed improperly you will not receive a refund. 

Manufacturer Defects

Up to 90 days of purchase under normal usage. This does not include damage due to rips, tears or breakage of backpack clips. This includes seams or velcro fasteners coming loose. If you return an item that looks damaged you will be notified and you we will return the item to you.

The Self Defense Company has a right to replace any damaged or defective items.

Damage in shipping

If your package is damaged please immediately get a note from the shipper, take pictures of the package, the damaged item and email them to [email protected] for an exchange. In this case we will issue a priority mail return label for a large priority box from the US post office. 

International Orders

The Self Defense Company doesn’t internationally on e-commerce because of the nature and the cost of the product. If you want to make arrangements to ship to your country please email [email protected]

You will be responsible for all international shipping and customs fees. All international payments will be sent accepted through wire transfer.

All returns and exchanges are shipped at the customer’s expense. Customer assumes responsibility to know all local laws and restrictions regarding the possession and use of body armor. At this point in time, only New York and Connecticut have purchase restrictions. It is illegal to own body armor if you are a convicted felon. 

Affiliate Program

Affiliates are paid a commission for referring customers to the site through a special link. Commission are paid the first week of the month and are subject to change at any time. The Self Defense Company has the right to reject any commission at any time.

In the event of a chargeback or a return of a product, the commission from that returned product will be deducted from future commissions or the balance will be clawed back after 60 days if the refunded commission isn’t satisfied.

Affiliates are not employees of the Self Defense Company. Affiliates are “Brand Ambassadors” and are not associated with the Self Defense Company beyond promoting the Bodyguard Brand. If an affiliate is seen misrepresenting the Bodyguard Brand in any manner that we see unfit, their account will be terminated. This could be promoting the brand on sites and media the Self Defense Company doesn’t not want to be associated with or using practices like bots and other methods to send spam and other unsolicited contact.

The Self Defense Company shall be held harmless for any conduct of the affiliate.

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