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Shield Plates

Bodyguard Shield Level 3A Ballistic Panel


  • NIJ Level 3A Ballistic Protection Standard (stops all handguns)
    Level IIIA is designed to stop .357 Sig FMJ FN (Flat Nose) bullets traveling at a velocity of ~1470 ft/s and .44 Magnum SJHP (Semi Jacketed Hollow Point) rounds at a velocity of 1430 ft/s.
  • 10 in x 12 in x 0.25 in thick (25cm by 30cm, 0.6cm thick)
  • Weight 1.1 pounds (0.495 kg)
  • Proprietary Blend of Aramid Fibers

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Bodyguard Shield Level 3 Ballistic Rifle Plate


  • NIJ Level 3 Ballistic Protection Standard (stops all handguns and rifles including 7.62mm and 5.56mm)
    Ballistic body armor plates are also referred to as rifle plates or hard armor plates. Level III rifle plates are designed to stop 6 spaced hits of 7.62x51mm NATO FMJ (U.S. Military designation M80) at a velocity of ~2780 ft/s, which is very similar to the .308 Winchester round often used in hunting.
  • 10 in by 12 in x 1 in thick (25cm by 30cm, 2.5cm thick)
  • Lightweight Composite – only weighs 3.2 pounds (1.45kg)
  • Full Cut, Multi-Curve design
  • Special Threat Performance Stops Rifle Rounds 7.62 x 39mm 123gr, FMJ and 5.56 x 45mm, 55gr M193 Ball
  • Made with UHMWPE fabrics and special pressing techniques to create a lighter and thinner plate.

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All shield plates come with the industry maximum 5 year ballistic warranty.