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Repair and Replacement Parts for Bodyguard Bulletproof Backpacks

Switchblade Bulletproof Backpack Only - Gunmetal Gray

Stuff breaks, fortunately all of the bodyguard bulletproof Backpacks accept standard items that can be found on Amazon…

Upgrading your Gray Switchblade Backpack.

There are two main differences between the old and the new style. The waist buckle and compression straps.

Replacement Waist Buckle for Switchblade Backpacks

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Compression Straps for old style Switchblade and First Responder Backpacks


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Replacement Ladder Buckles for Shoulder Straps (First Responder and Switchblade)


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Replacement Buckles for ELITE Backpacks (1 inch size)


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Replacement Buckle for Compression Straps on First Responder and Switchblade (1 inch size)


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