Schools Give Teachers and Staff a Fighting Chance with Bulletproof Backpacks

Bodyguard bulletproof backpack for teacher

Fort Worth, Texas – In nearly every school shooting a teacher or staff member has been tragically killed trying to protect their students, now schools participating in the Texas Guardian Program are giving them something to stand behind, bulletproof backpacks.

bulletproof backpack for teachers

The Texas Guardian Program is a government funded initiative to train teachers and staff in active shooter defensive tactics and now they’re adding bulletproof backpacks, but these aren’t your everyday backpacks…

They’re called Bodyguard Armored Backpacks and they have a patented deployment system that allows the user to get instant front and back protection without having to take the backpack off. This is important because if there is a threat, or false alarm, the teacher simply puts on the backpack just in case. The other option is to put on a traditional plate carrier or bulletproof vest which is not only time consuming, it’s alarming to the students.

The backpacks fit nearly every size and shape so they can be left in the classroom for whoever is teaching. When there’s a threat or even a fire drill, the teacher simply puts on the backpack and leads the students through their response.

Inventor of the Bodyguard Armored Backpack, Damian Ross, always envisioned this,” I’m a father of two and the reason I started this company was to protect my family from active shooter events. It’s been my vision to get a Bodyguard in every classroom. It’s obviously not the solution, it’s just part of the solution to give these heroic people a fighting chance. Whenever I hear of an unprotected teacher facing an active shooter, my heart breaks.”

The Bodyguard Backpacks can be equipped with first aid and tactical equipment that automatically attach to the MOLLE system. They come in a variety of models for every lifestyle. Bodyguard is a brand of The Self Defense Company, a New Jersey based company.

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Damian Ross is a first responder, defensive tactics instructor, creator of The Self Defense Training System, inventor of Bodyguard Armored Backpacks and Jackets and author of the official “Self Defense for Dummies” book.


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