NEW Bulletproof CCW Jacket

BodyGuard Peacemaker

Introducing the PEACEMAKER CCW Armored Jacket.

The BodyGuard “Peacemaker” bulletproof jacket offers front and back ballistic protection with the ability to access your firearm while remaining completely undetected making the Peacemaker the ultimate concealed carry jacket.

Our patent-pending design allows you to carry two (2) 10” x 12” ballistic panels  front and back center line protection, exactly where you need it most.

The Peacemaker’s unique HIDDEN DRAW system with breakaway pockets allows you to have your hand on your weapon at all times.

This eliminates the need to “quick draw” under extreme stress because you can have your weapon drawn without brandishing it since it’s completely concealed.

Oh, we should also mention that the Peacemaker is a nice jacket –  three seasons, triple-layer, lightweight and breathable, in addition to bullets, the Peacemaker can even withstand winds up to 100mph.

Peacemaker CCW Bulletproof Jacket

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