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Bulletproof Backpacks

Bulletproof Backpacks are a must have for your everyday carry arsenal, here's why:

Gone are the days of going to a concert or night-club without scoping out the emergency exits, worshipping in a church service without feeling like a sitting duck, or taking the train home without wondering about the contents of every backpack and briefcase that passes by or that low key panic of seeing an abandoned book bag.

First Responder - deploy Bodyguard bulletproof backpack

Bulletproof Backpacks

Well, anyone who watches the news knows those days are over… and protecting yourself and your loved ones is always on your mind and bulletproof backpacks are one simple way of adding another layer of safety. A bulletproof backpack is like insurance, it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it...and at the end of the day, when SHTF - I’d rather be the guy in the gun fight wearing military-grade body armor. 

The fact is we live in a world where sick people intent on doing harm to innocent civilians have wreaked havoc in places where we should feel the safest. Schools, churches, restaurants, public transportation, and public events are prime targets for demented individuals trying to make a point, get revenge, or go viral on a YouTube video captured by another terrified victim. 

Like they say “Denial is the biggest killer of them all” and to ignore the fact that the world is more dangerous than ever, only leaves you and your loved ones more vulnerable. It’s up to citizens to take some control back and protect themselves whenever they leave the house. 

Yes, schools and places of business have come a long way in protecting the people within their walls with much needed upgrades in security - officers patrol schools, receptionists have emergency call buttons at arm’s length and there are security cameras everywhere. It’s a much needed improvement, but it’s not perfect.  

Because we all know that even in the best of scenarios, it’s going to take first responders time to get to an active shooter situation. In the worst of scenarios, like at Stoneman-Douglas High, you always run the risk of a derelict security officer taking cover for himself rather than engaging the threat.

At the end of the day, no one can protect you… except you.  

You are on your own until help arrives, and in those critical first few moments, you don’t want to be left defenseless. In any crisis situation, preparedness is the key to your survival and you want some personal protection that a door or a desk just can’t provide. 

That’s why it’s time to consider a top-rated bulletproof backpack. 

A bulletproof backpack is simply a backpack with a ballistic panel built into it, just like a bulletproof vest worn by law enforcement, like the Self Defense Company’s Bodyguard Bulletproof Backpack, that instantly converts into a bulletproof vest giving you full front and back protection. Keep in mind, not all armor plates are all built the same, so it’s important to assess your specific need and know exactly what you’re getting.

Not All Bulletproof Armor Stops All Bullets 

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is the agency that sets the standards for body armor worn by law enforcement officers. It also tests commercially available armor, like bulletproof backpacks, to ensure that they meet their standards for ballistic performance.  

The testing protocol of the NIJ determines if an armor plate will stop different kinds of bullets under specific conditions. This is critical information you must consider when buying any item that’s advertising itself as being bulletproof, so here is a quick breakdown of the NIJ Armor Protection Levels: 

  • Level IIA has been tested to stop a 9mm and .40 S&W fired from a short barrel handgun. It does not provide any protection against long barrel handguns or rifles like the AR-15 and AK-47. . 
  • Level II also provides 9mm protection but not rifle protection, but it does stop a .357 Magnum fired from a handgun or long barrel handguns or rifles like the AR-15 and AK-47. 
  • Level IIIA will stop a .357 SIG and .44 Magnum from a long barrel handgun. It does not provide any rifle protection.
  • Level III is one of two levels that can stop a bullet fired from a rifle. has been tested to stop a 5.56,  7.62 Full Metal Jacket lead core rifle ammunition. 
  • Level IV is the highest level designated by the NIJ. Materials at this level have been tested to stop a .30 caliber steel core armor piercing bullet fired from a rifle. 

Clearly, the higher the level, the greater protection.

We recommend only Level IIIA or Level III armor as they will give you the best protection at the best price.

With that added protection comes a heavier product at a greater price, but when you consider the fact that this thing could save your life, no price tag is too high. 

Early iterations of the bulletproof backpack barely met the lowest standards of protection designated by the NIJ. Newer models offer higher levels of protection in a more inconspicuous product.

You have probably heard the term kevlar when talking about armor, or maybe you even landed on this page by searching for a Kevlar backpack.

However, most top notch bulletproof backpack companies use Ultra High Molecular Weight, High Performance Polyethylene Material (UHMWPE) instead of aramid fibers like Kevlar and Twaron  because it offers high protection in ballistic applications and significant advantages through low backface deformation, superior rigidity,  giving you increased survivability. Add to the fact that UHMWPE lasts twice as long as Kevlar because it’s not affected by moisture like Kevalr and Twaron that will lose their ability to absorb energy after they are wet. 

Times have changed and ballistic armor plates don’t have to be something you buy and toss in a box in your garage or sit in your closet until the next riot or zombie apocalypse.

The main idea behind our Bodyguard Bulletproof Backpacks is that people should be able to be protected without calling attention to themselves. This allows you to take full, front and back ballistic protection wherever you go (even on an airplane). Let’s be honest, you’re not going to make it too far if you try to go through airport security wearing a plate carrier or a bulletproof vest.

level 3a body Armor

Carrying a bulletproof backpack regularly can have some invaluable benefits:

  1. Defense. The point of carrying a bulletproof backpack is to protect yourself and the people around you. It could take a bullet for you and give you a fighting chance in a worst-case scenario and in many cases it can stop an edged weapon or even a blunt force attack from a pipe or a club.
  2. Practicality. You have to carry a bag to work or school anyway, why not make it one that might save your life? Bulletproof backpacks are designed to hold all your essentials like your laptop, books, phone and wallet with all the zipper pockets you’d expect. From the outside, it looks like your typical bag. No one will suspect that it contains armor plates.
  3. Convenience. If you make your bulletproof backpack a part of your daily life, you’ll always have it nearby just in case you need it. As your daily carrying bag, it’ll always be within arm’s reach if you find yourself in a dire situation.
  4. Peace of Mind. Sending your child off to college or your spouse off to work carrying a bulletproof backpack can be a priceless comfort, especially when you hear the news of yet another senseless shooting. Who doesn’t want their loved ones to have something in their hands to defend themselves? It’s just another layer of security and peace of mind.

The benefits of having a tested piece of body armor with you at all times cannot be overstated when it comes to personal protection.

But why not just purchase a ballistic plate and put it in your backpack yourself? They are readily available and less expensive, so why go to the extreme of buying a bulletproof backpack like the Bodyguard?

Using a well-designed bulletproof backpack is far more effective than just throwing a ballistic plate into your briefcase or knapsack for a number of reasons:

  • Having an armor plate in your backpack will add weight to it. Some plates can weigh up to ten pounds. Bulletproof backpacks are built to carry this weight efficiently along with your laptop, books, and other personal items. They have reinforced straps that are built to last and are designed to minimize movement if you are running.
  • The Bodyguard Bulletproof Backpacks give you instant front and back protection with their patented “Switchblade” deployment system. Having only back protection is good, but it only solves half of your problem. And NO traditional backpack will give you both front and rear ballistic protection like our Bodyguard Bulletproof Backpacks.
  • Not all backpacks have a good place to store an armor plate. The plate may not fit your favorite bag properly, so buying a bulletproof backpack takes the guessing out of your purchase. You know it will work as designed.
  • Bulletproof backpacks are designed to be covert. Because the plate is built into the design of the bag, no one would ever know you were carrying it. The same cannot be said for just throwing a plate into your Jansport where it might be bulky and obvious… and will NEVER stay in place if you are running or moving.
  • Well designed bulletproof backpacks are easily adaptable to your situation. They can of course be worn on your back, but some, like the Bodyguard, have special features like rip-cords which move the plate quickly and easily over your head and securely onto your chest for the ultimate protection.
  • Carrying a ballistic plate in your own bag just isn’t as effective as having a bulletproof bag. Taking your personal defense seriously means you’ll invest in the real deal.

Bulletproof Bug Out Bags

Bulletproof Backpacks are also perfect to use for your “Bug out Bag.” 

A Bug out Bag is simply a bag packed full of emergency items that you can grab in an instant in the case of a catastrophic emergency. Think zombie apocalypse, but for real.

A person who determines they need to “bug out” would want a bag handy filled with things like:

  • A first aid kit
  • Water bottle and purification system
  • Flashlight
  • Compass
  • Tent and blanket
  • Food
  • Multi-purpose tool
  • Firearms, Edged Weapons and other defense tools

Doesn’t it make sense that the bag carrying all of these survival necessities would BE your defense? If your Bug out Bag is also bulletproof, it kills two birds with one stone and provides you with an invaluable tool that could save your life while carrying the rest of your critical gear. It really is the perfect foundation for your everyday carry arsenal.

Are bulletproof backpacks legal?

Our top rated Bodyguard Bulletproof Backpacks are LEGAL in all 50 states and are TSA compliant – so they will pass through security without issue. The are even international travelers using them on a daily basis.

Can I use my own armor plates?

Yes, our line of best-selling bulletproof backpacks can accommodate most traditional armor plates, so you can actually use what you spent your hard earned money on.

Are there bulletproof backpacks for children?

While our Switchblade model can be worn by middle school age children or older, we find that most of our customers are adults that understand the reality around them and want to protect themselves or their spouses. 

That being said, there are literally NO BALLISTIC TESTS that take into consideration a “non-adult”. So why it may make you feel better, there is nothing to suggest that putting armor on your young child (especially soft armor) will do anything. What you want is the adult standing in front of them to be wearing body armor.

But do they really work?

Not every backpack on the market meets our standards. Our Bodyguard backpacks have been put through rigorous torture testing to make sure they do exactly what they are designed to do.

What to look for in a bulletproof backpack

While the concept of using a bulletproof backpack is something we are passionate about, not all backpacks are created equal. Many of them are overpriced, poorly made and vastly ineffective.

– If your bulletproof backpack has to be removed from your back or manipulated in any way to convert to protection, you might as well just wear a jansport backpack with an armor plate in the back and call it a day.

– In life or death situations, every second counts and if your backpack can not deploy the armor nearly instantly without hassle, it is practically worthless.

Our Bodyguard patented rapid deployment system gives you both front and rear protection in just 1 second.

– If your bulletproof backpack flops around like a dead fish when you sprint, it is lacking the crucial protection you thought you were buying. Our Bodyguard backpacks instantly secure the front front protection to your waist, keeping it in place while you move.

– If your backpack looks like you got it at an army surplus store, you’re probably not going use it much. Our backpacks, especially the Switchblade model are unidentifiable standing next to other everyday backpacks.

Why Choose Our Bodyguard Bulletproof Backpacks

  • Patented “Switchblade” easy deployment gives you instant front and back protection (no searching for the rip cords behind your back)
  • 100% TRUE Concealment Chamber prevents prying eyes from knowing you’re prepared for anything
  • Stay-Put Armor System to secure the Front Carrier automatically protecting your vitals target areas (no fumbling with awkward straps or flaps)
  • Fail Safe Deployment means your armor will work EVERY TIME
  • Slash-Proof, Waterproof and Stab-Resistant
  • Will accept two 10 x 12 x 1 inch light-weight hard armor rifle plates or 11 x 14 inch soft armor ballistic panels
  • Large Cargo Capacity with Secure Computer Carrier (18″ high x 14″ wide x 6″ deep)
  • Will fit largest laptops
  • TSA Compliant and 50 State Legal
  • M.O.L.L.E. Carrier System
  • Velcro Rocker for Morale Patches or Agency Indicator

Plus, we stand by our product with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Bodyguard was founded by Damian Ross, a First Responder and tactical defense expert, who knows what really happens under duress.

He saw a massive shortcoming in the personal protection market and decided to fix it… by creating the world’s fastest and most effective bulletproof backpack for every day carry.

Nearly 60% of US adults carry a gun, yet only a fraction of them are as smart as you and realize that BAD GUYS shoot too (and sometimes first).

In some cases, like the Las Vegas shooting, all the guns in the world wouldn’t have saved a single life because no one even knew where the shots were coming from as is the case with MANY of the recent mass shootings. 

In fact, when it really happens it will take several seconds for you to process what is actually happening while you shift into fight or flight mode.

There are sadly more mass shootings in places like schools, churches, and businesses than ever before, oftentimes in places where carrying a weapon is against the law. 

Bulletproof Backpacks and Kits - Inside

Mass murderers are constantly looking for soft targets with a high destiny of people so they can have the highest body count possible. They’re typically not looking to “get away” with it, instead they want to end their own life and take as many people as possible with them. 

Bottomline, owning a bulletproof backpack has become a must have item in your every day carry. If you own a gun, you should own a bulletproof backpack.

If you carry a gun for protection, you should have a bulletproof backpack.

If you want to protect your wife, she should have a bulletproof backpack.

If you have a kid in college, they should have a bulletproof backpack.

In this unfortunate day and age, you could be at risk of attack while doing the most mundane things.

While the politicians, psychiatrists, and pundits argue about how to make it stop, get yourself a bulletproof backpack NOW. It just might save your life.

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