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Why is the Conceal Carry Back Up Behind the Protection?

conceal carry back up bulletproof jacket right

Why is the conceal carry back up behind the protection?

Some people question why we put the conceal carry holsters inside of the protection on the Bodyguard Personal Armor Jackets…

Love the coat, however a few design flaws noted. You have to physically open the vest to gain access to the built in holster. Doing so exposes you and the vest is then useless, and you give away your position or cover point by un-velcroing the vest to get the weapon, therefore you are now in the threat target awareness. The jacket was a great Christmas gift but noted these issues in hope you can fix it for the better of everyone.” Scott D

Great point Scott and first and the problem we wanted to solve is – How do we add a conceal carry feature to the Bodyguard Bulletproof Jacket?

After all, if you can conceal carry and you value body armor, you should be able to have both.

We wanted to make this as complete of a solution as possible – grab and go ballistic protection that you could wear every day. Vests are impractical unless you are willing to wear all day, and take the time to strap it on when you go to the mall or a concert. You don’t really want to sit at your desk in a bulletproof vest unless you absolutely have to.

The Bodyguard Products enable you to throw it on and take it off just like any other jacket or backpack.

That being said, because of the design of the jacket and the way it integrates into the concealment outerwear inside is the only place we can put it. 

Now you make a valid point – this won’t work if you’re trying to hide your position and not draw attention to yourself and you open the velcro and only to have your chest wide open while facing gunfire.

conceal carry back up bodyguard jacket - Bodyguard's Bulletproof Jacket with Heavy Duty Outer ShellAnd we agree – however, you’ll notice that the protection reseals itself pretty easily, so it’s not going to drape open, it will close (as I’m sure you’ve noticed). Also remember that most bulletproof jackets don’t provide centerline protection.

There are $1,000 jackets (and some $400 ones) that offer ZERO centerline protection. 

As for the noise of opening velcro – that would require it to be quiet and the threat recognize the sound of opening velcro and associate it with you drawing your weapon.  While this scenario could happen…IT IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY.

The reality is this…there are only two types of situations in all self defense – PROACTIVE and REACTIVE.

Proactive is when you see a situation developing and have time to act in a preemptive manner. This is where you see the potential of something about to happen and you have time to take a position of advantage and react. Here is when you would have time to draw your weapon – and I doubt anyone who is about to commit a violent crime will pay attention or even recognize what you’re doing.

After you draw your weapon, you’ll notice that the Bodyguard will fall back and seal (covering your vitals).

3A ballistic protection system - Bodyguard's Bulletproof Jacket with Heavy Duty Outer Shell

You should note that ALL OTHER BULLETPROOF JACKETS don’t cover your centerline — in some cases you can get it for extra $$$, but all Bodyguard Jackets come with the DOUBLE TAP design.

The Bodyguard Double Tap Design – gives you double protection over your centerline.

Reactive is when you see a weapon drawn or hear shots fired.

An active shooter is going to be doing just that…SHOOTING or barking commands and people will be SCREAMING and reacting.

So the event that you’re in a situation where you need to silently draw your weapon is really something you see in the movies.


Finally, if you don’t want to use the Bodyguard Conceal Carry Feature as your primary weapon, put your back up in there…you have room for two!

Is this a perfect system, no – but considering the application of the Bodyguard and the level of protection, it’s the best you’re going to get…especially for the cost

Like I said, it covers you where most bulletproof jackets don’t and increases your ability to carry more firepower.

Thanks for the comment Scott.

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