Why a bulletproof vest is impractical for civilians.

Why a bulletproof vest is impractical for civilians

If you’re considering purchasing a bulletproof vest, you must take into account the single most important fact about body armor.

Body armor doesn’t work if you don’t have it on. 

No matter how light, or “concealable” your bulletproof vest is…how often are you going to wear it? Bulletproof vests work great if you can wear them all day – like police and security. It’s a part of their uniform and they’re expected to wear it. But are you going to sit all day at your desk wearing a bulletproof vest?

All bulletproof vests become restrictive, hot and uncomfortable over time and the idea of sitting all day at work, at dinner or a movie wearing your bulletproof vest is not something most people will do. Imagine, sitting in class trying to concentrate when your bulletproof vest is raising your core temperature. Law enforcement spends a lot of money to make sure their officers are as comfortable as possible. They use a variety of under garments to cool them off and even then..they’re not that comfortable.

So the question is – Are you going to wear your bulletproof vest every day?

The answer is NO.

You’re probably not going to wear it at all. I would venture to guess,  you’re going to wear it a few times and conveniently leave it home more often than not.

Because wearing a bulletproof vest requires effort and causes discomfort. Strapping it on, then covering it up makes it even hotter than it is. Your movement and breathing are restricted and sitting for extended periods of time can be uncomfortable.

Imagine arriving at work, taking off your jacket, unstrapping your bulletproof vest and then strapping it back on again to go home. And are you going to repeat this process every day you go to work or every time you go to the store?

No. You’re not.

However, wearing body armor is one of the MOST effective everyday carry items you can own. It makes sense, even more so than conceal carry because if you’re in a deadly force situation – you will be facing an attacker with a gun. And while firearms are obviously an EXCELLENT means of self defense – bad guys tend to shoot back. 

In a gun fight, I’d rather be the guy with the body armor AND a gun..than the guy with just a gun.

When it comes to body armor you need something that is :

  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Can go anywhere without causing suspicion.
  • Blends with your daily habits.

Then the body armor solution is simple – it has to be a bulletproof jacket or backpack.

You put on a jacket and carry a backpack EVERY DAY. No one is going to look twice at your backpack or think you’re wearing a bulletproof jacket. In fact, the first time I wore my jacket, the only time people know it was bulletproof was when they hugged me — and even then they though it was a back brace!

Remember – you want to conceal your body armor. 

You don’t want the bad guy to know you’re prepared. If an active shooter or a criminal knew you were wearing body armor…who do you think they would target? They want to get rid of the biggest threat ASAP. This means you’re getting shot in the head, or stabbed under the bottom of your armor. Either way – you’re top of the hit list.

So to conceal your bulletproof vest you need to wear outer clothing like sweatshirts and jackets – which increased you body temp and if you live in a warm climate…you’re going to stick out

The only options to make body armor part fo your EDC is the jacket or the backpack.

  • Easily concealed.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Enables you to move undetected.
  • Can be worn in any climate without raising suspicion.

At the end of the day you want something you’re going to wear more often.

If you get a $400 vest and only wear it 20 times – that’s $20 per use. But if you get a $500 jacket or backpack and wear it 100 times that’s $5 per use and you’re protected 5 times as much. It just make sense.

Good luck and stay safe.

Damian and Bodyguard.

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2 replies on “Why a bulletproof vest is impractical for civilians.”

  1. This article is quite unique and very interesting. Yeah, this makes sense”If you get a $400 vest and only wear it 20 times – that’s $20 per use. But if you get a $500 jacket or backpack and wear it 100 times that’s $5 per use and you’re protected 5 times as much. It just make sense.” The way you have explained this here is understandable to everyone.
    I just want to add that ballistic bulletproof vests are made for our security professionals. Civilians cannot handle the all-time pressure of that thing.

    1. Thanks for posting and you are correct. How many civilians do you know that have level 4 plates in their carriers that sit in their closet…I know I’m one :). I’m ready for the zombie apocalypse , but until then…I’ll take the backpack.

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