Who Really Needs Body Armor?

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Facts: 331 Police officers were shot in the Line of Duty in 2021 Report HERE

There are 646,644 LEOs in the world, so that means 0.05% of them were injured by gun violence.

During the same time period, 89,353 citizens aged 15-65 injured by gun violence (not including suicide, suicide attempts accidents, or law enforcement use of force)  Stats here. 

The number of people in that age range is 208,151,988, so 0.04% of that population were shot.

This means your average citizen aged 16-65  has almost the same risk of  being shot as a cop does. 

But that’s not all….

Did you know that there’s been a 2000% increase in active shooter attacks in the last 20 years.
In 2000 there were two (2)  and in 2020 there were forty (40) Report Here

The reality is this, you’re almost as vulnerable to gunfire as law enforcement. Cops wear body armor all the time and most citizens don’t. Add to that, active shooter attacks are increasing every day… you have to ask yourself – how do you and your kids prepare?

Why is the cop patrolling your town wearing body armor and you don’t?  

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