Understanding Bodyguard Bulletproof Jackets

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Your questions answered about the Bodyguard Bulletproof Jacket.

1. Where does the bulletproof protection of the Bodyguard Jacket cover?

2. How should the jacket fit and where should it cover? 

Generally you want ballistic protection to rest a little snug against your body. What you want to avoid is an EXTREMELY loose fit or ballistic panels flopping against your body.

You should also know that soft armor ballistic protection is meant to be worn AGAINST the body – not the head.

In the video above – ALL of the black area you see is the ballistic protection. 

There’s a small 4″ gap on the sides, under the arms and the protection stops 2 inches or so above your belly button.
The reason for this is wearability.

This design will allow you to sit and move without minimal restriction. If the protection extended any lower, it would stick in your throat when you sit.

Unlike a vest, the jacket enables you to throw it on over clothing and take it off, just like a normal jacket.

3. Why does the jacket feel a little bulky?

It’s heavy for a reason….it stops bullets. If you’re not used to bulletproof clothing and materials like Kevlar and Twaron, it might take a little getting used to.

EXPECT IT TO WEIGH MORE THAN A NORMAL JACKET – after all, it’s bulletproof and if you haven’t worn ballistic clothing before, it does take a little getting used to.

Also, the extra space absorbs the blunt force impact of the bullet. Unlike a vest where more of that energy is transferred into you, the extra space allows the force to dissipate easier.

Further more, the space enables the conceal carry system. Without it you would not be able to carry your firearm.

conceal carry back up bulletproof jacket right4. Why is the conceal carry system INSIDE the bulletproof protection?

First, this is the best and easiest way to conceal the weapon. Even if it was outside the ballistic protection, under the fleece you would need to still access it through some type of velcro or zipper.

But this is a non-issue because if you’re wearing your Bodyguard out in public there are only two situation you’re going to face – PROACTIVE and REACTIVE.

 you’ll have time enough to draw your weapon BEFORE the threat executes deadly force. This is the subject who is threatening and NOT YET actively shooting.

Reactive is when the subject has begun shooting or acts violently – this is when you will first – FIND COVER and second, DRAW YOUR WEAPON.

5. Can I legally own a bulletproof jacket.

Anyone can purchase, own and wear body armor. The only restriction is if you’re a convicted felon. If you’re a convicted felon you may not purchase, own or wear body armor.

Also, if you commit a crime wearing body armor, penalties will be stiffer.

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