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Torture Test – Bodyguard Bulletproof Backpack

First Responder Backpack

We gave our Bodyguard Bulletproof Backpack to Jason Hansen from Spy Briefing, Rob Menje from Guns Blazing Ranch and Paul Peterson from to basically put our backpacks to the test..and it stopped EVERYTHING they threw at it…

Note – ALL Armored Backpacks come with FRONT and BACK Ballistic Panels or Rifle Plates Jason and Rob had our level 3A Armor only (weight of the unit with two 3A armor is 6 pounds) while Paul had our level 3+ rifle plates.

***Even though Jason and Rob put the armor in backwards and didn’t secure the chest protection to the belt… Our 3A Ballistic Panel STILL Stopped…

  • 5 rounds from a .22 caliber pistol
  • 3 rounds from a 9mm
  • 1 round from a .50 caliber Desert Eagle (Gold Plated for the extra annoying effect) — We didn’t expect this!!!

Paul from has our Level 3+ Armor (weight of the unit with two 3+ armor is 16.5 pounds) Rob shot it with…

  • 150 Grain 7.62 x 51mm NATO Round
  • 123 Grain 7.62 x 39mm AK_47 Ammo from an AK-47
  • M193 55 grain 5.56 from an AR-15

Our plate stopped ALL of the rounds..NO PROBLEM

All armor is MADE IN THE USA.

Which caliber will you face in the street?

According to the Bureau of Justice the most common weapons used in violent crime are… 380 caliber handguns – 20% 9 mm caliber handguns – 20% .22 caliber handguns – 17% .25 caliber handguns – 13% .50 caliber handguns – 8% “Most of the firearms used in the homicides studied were handguns: 90% -95% recorded over a 10-year period.”

This means for the overwhelming majority of crimes involving a firearm, level 3A protection is all you need (but we still offer level 3+ in our backpacks if you want it).

Bodyguard Armored Backpacks have also been reviewed and approved by: Police1 The National Rifle Association, USCCA – Delta Defense, Tactical Shit, American Rifleman,, Spy Brief, Guns Blazing Ranch, Firearms Forever, RK Guns, Firearms Guide, Blade Shopper, Firearms Discounts, Guns Rights, Gun Tactics 101, True Republican, Athlon Outdoors, Outdoor Wire, The Shooting Wire and more…

Bodyguard Armored Backpacks are currently deployed in service with: US Border Patrol NJ State Police Prince Georges County Police Schools and Universities in all 38 States And many more ministries, municipalities and agencies

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