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The Facts About Body Armor For Civilians 


Presented by Bodyguard Bulletproof Backpacks and Jackets – Concealed ballistic protection that fits seamlessly into your everyday life. 

Is it legal to own and where can I wear it? 

  • Body armor is legal to own and wear. Unless you’re a convicted felon.
  • You can wear body armor anywhere. 
  • Body armor is even TSA compliant and can be carried on any commercial flight.
    NOTE: Bodyguard  goes through security just like any other bag or jacket without issue. 


What level of protection do you need? That’s your call…

  • Level 3A stops 93% of firearms used in violent crimes
  • Level 3+ stops 99% of firearms used in violent crimes


What level of protection does Bodyguard come in?

  • Level 3A handgun protection (stops all handguns)
  • Level 3+ rifle protection (stops AK47 7.62, AR-15 5.56 green tip and much more)
  • Or get it without protection and add your own plates (11×14 soft armor – 10×12 hard armor)

How much do they weigh?

  • Bodyguard Backpack weight with two (2) level 3A handgun protection soft armor panels is 6 pounds.
  • Bodyguard Backpack weight with two (2) level 3+ rifle plates is 16 pounds.
  • Bodygaurd Jacket weight with two (2) level 3A handgun protection soft armor panels is 4 pounds.


Is there front and back protection? 

  • YES – All Bodyguard products have ballistic protection in front and back.


What makes Bodyguard Special? 

  • Bodyguard Backpacks feature our patented Switchblade Deployment System that deploys the front chest protection from its concealment chamber and automatically secures it over your chest.
  • Bodyguard Jacket’s patented design provides constant front and back protection, plus our Hidden Draw System (HDS) allows you to access your firearm from its holster discretely – the threat will think you have your hand in your pocket.

Where are they made? 

  • Made in USA


Bodyguard Armored Backpacks have also been reviewed and approved by:


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Bodyguard Armored Backpacks are currently deployed in service with: US Border Patrol, NJ State Police, Prince George’s County Police, Schools and Universities in all 38 States and many more ministries, municipalities and agencies.


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