Taking Your Bodyguard Armored Backpack Through Airport Security

Taking Your Bodyguard Armored Backpack Through Airport Security


I’m not telling you to lie – if you were asked directly you should be truthful. But never, EVER walk up to any agent and put them in a position where they may lose their job. All agents have the discretion to allow or refuse items or people on the aircraft. So their answer will  if given the choice their answer will ALWAYS BE NO.

In the 6 years of selling body armor, only one person has had an issue. They asked a TSA Agent if they can take a backpack on board and that agent said NO.

That’s one out of thousands….

We have traveled all through the USA and internationally without issue. Please make sure to check with your country’s local restrictions. It’s our experience that most countries DON’T restrict body armor.

Body Armor in NOT restricted by TSA. However, it’s still up to the local agent’s discretion to restrict ANYTHING. However, since our armor doesn’t have any metal it isn’t detectable in the x-ray scan, so it will not be picked up by the machine. Simply place your backpack on the conveyor belt as usual and you should not have a problem.

Proof? Here’s Angela going through Airport Security with her Bodyguard Switchblade.

Angela and her Bodyguard Switchblade before going through airport security.
Angela and her Bodyguard Switchblade after airport security…any questions?

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  1. Never really thought about the backpack going through security lately since I have avoided any air travel since the plandemic started. Good news about the backpack not containing any metal. I am happy that after 50 years my metal staple in knee finally dissolved & I don’t get stopped at the scanner station anymore. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

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