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Peacemaker Bulletproof CCW Jacket

Peacemaker Bulletproof CCW Jacket

Coming Soon! The Peacemaker CCW Jacket


BodyGuard Peacemaker


The perfect conceal carry jacket. This three season jacket is made of nylon and spandex construction holds two 10×12 soft armor plates (front and back) in our exclusive and patented stealth carry system. The Peacemaker also has false, breakaway pockets that allow you to access your firearm discretely. You can even draw your weapon and point it at the threat and they will never know.

Available with or without armor.

Peacemaker Sunburst


This is how the Peacemaker’s conceal carry, break away pockets work…

This is how the Peacemaker will help you get the drop on the bad guy…

Note, the armor is covering your vital target areas so you’ll be able to draw the weapon and fire through your jacket.

The Peacemaker gives you vital bulletproof protection while allowing you full access to your firearm.


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