Leaked – NEW Switchblade Bulletproof Backpack

switchblade bulletproof backpack
switchblade bulletproof backpack
Stealth design is all business.
switchblade bulletproof backpack in sideview by Bodyguard
Loaded with accessories and compartments.
switchblade bulletproof backpack back view
Fast and Secure Belt Locking System.
Switchblade Backpack Carrier - NEW Switchblade Bulletproof Backpack
Comes with our universal front protection carrier.






switchblade bulletproof backpack by Bodyguard - back view
Heavy Duty - No Fail Rip Cords.
switchblade bulletproof backpack in sideview by Bodyguard
Padded and vented back plate








This just in from the factory and I couldn't wait to share it...this is the NEW Switchblade Bulletproof Backpack. It takes the SAME armor as the First Responder but it's smaller and designed for every day use. It will carry a laptop, accessories (as well as rifle plates, firearm, backup ammo).

Whether you're commuting, going to class, a concert, a movie, or traveling to your next meeting - the Switchblade is there when you need it.

The expected presale is September 1 with Delivery on November 30.

Once we have the design final and a production schedule set we will be taking a limited number of pre-sale orders.

Please post questions and comments below...

Damian and Angela with the Bodyguard Team

PS. We'll post more pics and videos as they come in.

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12 replies on “Leaked – NEW Switchblade Bulletproof Backpack”

    1. Cheaper… if so..not much. These are stab resistant and slash proof, highly engineered PPE. A lot has gone into making these and there’s a lot of labor involved. There are many companies that stick a $20 soft armor panel into the back of a $10 backpack and charge $150 for it…this is just NOT what we do. This is a PPE that will go through hell and back while giving you front and back protection, carry weapons, ammo and your laptop. So this is not going to be much cheaper…if it is.

  1. I could not tell from the picture showing the shoulder straps but are they quick release straps? Is there a waist strap?

    1. Hi Roy – yes there is a waist belt, but you don’t see it on these pics because it’s not on yet. We will have one that looks like a typical belt, but will have our patented sure-lock secure system.

      Regarding the “quick-release” shoulder straps…WHAT ARE THEY and WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU WANT THEM?

  2. Hi Damian and Angela, I bought one first responder and one thing I didn’t like is the lack of compartments inside the actual big compartment and on the small compartment just one zipper.
    The zippers they make a lot of sound when you move the backpack and the “belt or secure band” its to uncomfortable to wear on daily basis.
    I hope this helps for the design on the new one because I definitely will buy one if its on that level.
    Thank You

    1. Hi Juan – thanks for. your First Responder Purchase. Keep in mind the FR is for fast deployment in a moment’s notice.So it’s more of a travel or bug out bag. And when you’re putting that on in a hurry – you can’t mess around with and buckles and you want your chest piece to secure in the front without issue.

      That being said – the Switchblade will be what the First Responder isn’t. It’s smaller (takes the same size armor) but is for commuting or going to class. It will carry your computer and a few other accessories. But that’s it. And you should have the belt on when you wear it.

  3. I tried to find video of it on YouTube but no luck. Some stuff from like 2018 that I guess was maybe the beginning ideas of it? Can you tell me how much it will weigh and the measurements? I’m only 5’3″ and 100lbs, a pretty tiny woman and I just received and am returning the Leatherback Civilian One because it’s HUGE on me and so heavy that I wouldn’t be able to carry it as my purse since adding weight to it would make it so much heavier. Please let me know because I’m shopping for another option. Also, will you have them in gray? Thank you.

    1. Hi Natasha –

      We’ll have the specs in about 2 weeks and they will be on the website when we launch the Switchblade in the beginning of September.
      You can see how it works with our current model The First Responder here: https://bulletproofbodyguard.com/bulletproof-backpack/.

      That being said, the Switchblade will be able to hold an 11X14 soft armor panel – same as the First Responder. IDK about the weight of the leatherback but the First Responder with 2 level 3A panels is about 6.5 pounds. The Switchblade will be lighter than that.

  4. I mam considering buying one. Not a lot of compartments. Will it carry a 17″ laptop…which caliber bullet protection does it offer??

    1. Hi Phil and it will definitely fit that laptop (I have a 21”) Did you go to the product page? I don’t know what your requirements are for compartments… but it does have 3 storage sections with a ton of pockets.

      Oh and it carries body armor as well 😀

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