Bodyguard Customer of the Month Manal Fawz Hamadi

Bodyguard Customer of the Month Manal Fawz Hamadi

Meet Manal Fawz Hamadi – she earned CUSTOMER OF THE MONTH because the day after she received her Bodyguard Bulletproof Backpack she issued a chargeback on her Bank of America Credit Card.

Maybe the backpack was too big? Maybe too small? Maybe she just didn’t like it – we will never know because she never answered our many emails and phone calls.

FOR THE RECORD: Her Backpack was delivered by FedEx on June 27, 2012 Tracking number: 939291892692.

The very next day – Manal Fawz Hamadi issued her chargeback on June 28, 2021.

If you want you can email or call her yourself…

Manal Hamadi
21 Mayberry ave apt #2
Medford, MA 02155

Email address:[email protected]

Phone:+16178777105 or (781) 534-4672

But that’s not the only way we tried to contact Manal Fawz Hamadi…

You can see on her LinkedIn Profile she is the proud business owner of:

Mayberry Taxi, Inc
143 Cottage St., #3
E. Boston, MA 02115

This business has been in operation for over 20 years…without a website or any other way to contact them…basically, if you wanted to get a ride from Mayberry Taxi…you have no way of calling them.

She also owns Continental Car Care Center located at 142 Ferry Street, St. Everett, MA 02149 (617) 944-0158 – however, when we tried to call this number it was disconnected.  No website or social media page exists for this company either.

Look, I have multiple businesses – some are retail, others are not and I understand if you have a company that has no need for a website or social media…but when you have retail businesses that depend on people contacting you for rides or looking for reviews of your mechanical services….and I can’t find you ANYWHERE?!?!  This is beyond sketchy.

If you know Manal Fawz Hamadi or her business please let her know that she won Customer of the Month for attempting to steal one of our fine Bodyguard Bulletproof Backpacks.

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