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Dealers Wanted – Bodyguard Bulletproof Backpacks

First Responder - deploy Bodyguard bulletproof backpack

First-responder-collageThe Self Defense Company is actively looking for Dealers and Affiliates for its Bodyguard Bulletproof Backpacks featuring patented Switchblade Deployment that gives you instant front and back protection and makes you “Safe in a Second”.

Dealers and Distributors – should be an established online or brick and mortar location that specializes in firearms and/or sporting goods.

You can download the dealer pricing here > Bodyguard_Dealer_Program

Any questions? Send us an email HERE <<

Affiliates – There are two types – professional and amateur. This program is free for both levels.

Amateurs are people who like the Bodyguard Backpack and would want to recommend it to friends and family on social media and email for a commission.

Professionals have email lists and followers to whom they recommend products. This program is FREE and we update marketing collateral regularly. Get the details on the Affiliate Program HERE <<

Any questions? Send us an email HERE <<