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Black Rambo Shot My Bulletproof Jacket!

Former Marine “Black Rambo” takes the Heavy Duty Tactical Jacket (3A protection) out to the range and throws some rounds at it.


Black Rambo took our Bodyguard Tactical Jacket and threw some rounds at it.
He’s wearing the 3A Heavy Duty Tactical Jacket from
Black Rambo is a former marine and shoots just about anything he can get his hands on. Check it out on IG @blackrambotv

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  1. That was cool. I like his attitude… As for more… Oh I don’t know, maybe see somebody stick the jacket on a punching dummy, shoot it full automatic, shoot it with a crossbow, get ticked that the dummy didn’t die so attack it hand-to-dummy with a big knife, then get really ticked and whack it with a golf club. 🙂

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