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Bank says Body Armor Promotes Violence


Columbus Ohio – Klarna cancels agreement with The Self Defense Company to finance Body Armor purchases for its customers because it “promotes weapon violence”. A termination letter sent by Craig Anderson VP Legal Director of Klara on October 11, 2019 to the Self Defense Company stated:

“In accordance with Section 13bi of the GTC Klarna is terminating the Agreement because your goods associated with weapon violence no longer adhere to Klarna’s Ethics Instructions referenced within the agreement. Klarna may exercise its withholding rights under Section 14 of the GTC until a final accounting has been performed and your deadline for product returns has passed Klarna will provide Merchant the reasoning for any such withholding upon request. The termination of the Agreement shall be effective on November 01 2019.”

Klarna was unable to be reached for comment since the contact number on their site 844-KLARNA0 isn’t a real phone number.

Damian Ross from the Self Defense Company was available for comment.

“It’s really a shame that companies have this knee jerk reaction to anything associated with violence…especially firearms. This shows a real lack of understanding about violence, 2nd amendment rights and personal protection. The irony is that we provide a product that protects against the very thing they are protesting. Either way, we didn’t do much with them and we now offer the same service through PayPal Credit.”

Klarna will still honor its financing agreements with its customers and The Self Defense Company now offers financing through Paypal Credit.

You can read the termination letter to the Self Defense Company here:

My Self Defense Training Termination Letter (1)

Klarna is headquartered in Stockholm Sweden with offices in the US is located on 629 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215

The can be reached at [email protected]

There facebook page is

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