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Bodyguard Resale

Bodyguard Reseller Program

  • Minimum of 5 units per each order (all jackets can be combined) 24% off
  • Switchblade Backpack Commuter Model (all backpacks can be combined) 20% off
  • All prices include shipping to anywhere in the world. 
  • You can use all the Bodyguard Promotional Assets HERE <<<

Backpack Coupon Code: bgbackpackresale2020
Minimum order of 5 or coupon will not work

Jacket Coupon Code: bgjacketresale2020
Minimum order of 5 or coupon will not work

Download Bodyguard Resale Pricing  HERE<<<

If you are a large retailer and distributer, please use the contact us page.

Bodyguard Affiliate Program

How to Use the Referral Partner (Affiliate) Portal

After to your register you will log in here: log in here:


Go here to get your specific product and page links that will track anyone who clicks on them.

Step 2: Choose the Link You Want to Share under “MY LINKS”

Cut and paste to text the link to make sure that’s where you want to send them. Then click on them and come back to “Link Tracking Stats” to make sure they’re working. Once you see clicks being registered you’re good to go.