The Bulletproof Wonder Hoodie Practical or Gimmick?

Wonder hoodie bulletproof sweatshirt - The Bulletproof Hoodie Practical or Gimmick?

VIDEO: What if you were shot in the head wearing a bulletproof hoodie?

The Wonder Hoodie provides 3A protection in some of its bulletproof, hooded sweat shirts.

So the question is…Can 3A soft armor protect your skull against the handgun fire for which it is rated? 

The answer is NO..correction…HELL NO.

The fact is that body armor is meant to be worn against…you guessed it…the body. The NIJ standard allows for 22mm indentation in the protected target. Which means that for an adult, that’s a deep bruise or a cracked rib – but for your head…you’re DEAD.

Below is a video we shot about the SEVERE limitations of 3A protection bulletproof backpacks. We took the Guard Dog backpack and put it against a melon (your head) and shot it with a 9mm FMJ round.

At 1:17 you’re going to see what will happen to to your skull if you were shot in the head wearing a bulletproof hoodie – a silver dollar size hole in the melon (your head).


I don’t know if the reason for the Wonder Hoodie is a gimmick or a scam. The people that sell this are either trying to rip you off or are just ignorant when it comes to ballistic protection. Either way, 3A protection WILL NOT protect your head.

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30 replies on “The Bulletproof Wonder Hoodie Practical or Gimmick?”

  1. The MAIN reason to buy this is NOT for the Kevlar the in the hood! It’s for the actual 3a vest in it. Most people that buy this will likely take the panels out of the hood. So calling it a gimmick or a scam because Kevlar isn’t very good protection for the head is kind of disingenuous. It’s a 3a VEST that so happens to have EXTRA Kevlar in the hood…

    1. Based on your explanation about the protection in the wunderhoodie – it is definition a gimmick.

      Gimmick: a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or business.

      You’re telling me that the reason they sell it with 3A protection in the hood, is so people can take it out?

      They charge EXTRA for the protection in the hood (it doesn’t come with it).

      Let’s be real – they sell it to people who think they’re going to have EXTRA head protection when it fact – it will provide ZERO protection. The people at wunderhoodie either don’t know anything about ballistic protection OR they’re selling a gimmick to unsuspecting buyers.

      Sounds like BS to me…

      1. I actually purchased this item from wonder hoodie to be honest anything to protect your head is better than nothing . U might not survive bullet to the head but if I are in a situation and maybe your hands also are inside the hood maybe have a chance . Something is better than nothing .

        1. Gordon – It’s not “better than nothing” – you’re still going to have SEVERE head trauma which in reality is no different than being shot in the head.
          It’s not what soft armor is made to protect.

          1. Your unprofessionalism in these comments makes me trust your product less than any other, by that alone. You keep telling people to test it by shooting themselves, as if that’s the end-all-be-all test of the product, knowing that nobody here will attempt it. Beating someone in an argument by backing them into a corner and giving them an unfair ultimatum isn’t winning, it’s just unprofessional.
            I’d wager that if I wore your product and found myself with a gunshot wound, the damage would be just as bad as if I were wearing any other brand. However, if you’d like to prove your product to us, why don’t YOU film shooting yourself while wearing it?
            No, not gonna do that?
            Didn’t think so.

          2. Sorry I hurt your feelings Blake…just speaking the truth my friend. Certified armor is certified…so it ALL should perform the same. There are MANY videos of people being shot wearing 3A body armor…in the BODY…NOT IN THE HEAD.

            So you can be the first…I’ll post the link for sure!!

        2. Seems like Damian wants everyone to shoot themselves in the head. If you don’t choose our product, kill yourself and then send us the video…. Wut?

          1. That’s exactly my point… the 3A protection on the Wonderhoodie Bulletproof Hoodie WILL NOT protect your head, this is why the Wonderhoodie Bulletproof Hoodie is a GIMMICK and a waste of your money.

      1. You just tried to discredit your competitor’s product with a gimmicky watermelon “test” and immediately positioned your product as the obvious alternative? Pathetic. Either test with a realistic replica of a human head and have a medical professional evaluate the damage, or don’t bother. The human head is nothing like a watermelon. While a head-shot would still seriously injure someone wearing that armored hood, they still have a decent chance of recovering from head trauma and skull fracture. If someone gets a bullet through their brain their chances are near zero.

        1. You realize that all of our products are actually tested in a lab that meets the NIJ standard – the watermelon is just an example.

          However – if you feel STRONGLY about the hoodie giving you protection…why don’t you put one on and shoot yourself in the head with a 9mm?

          Please make a video :).

          1. There are videos all over youtube now. It would depend where you got hit and what you got hit with. A .22lr to the back of the head is gonna hurt and maybe cause minor fracturing.

            The Liberty Defense 9mm round…prob gonna kill ya. The .38 and 9mm ripper rounds however will probably cause a great deal of harm but bust into pieces.

            Magnum rounds definitely will cause a skull fracture and potential brain damage.

            Thing is every scenario is different. I don’t know if these are also stab proof either.

            Nonetheless… some head protection is better than none. It’s impossible to definitively say “shot in the head, DEAD”

          2. NIJ 3A soft armor ballistic certifications are meant for an ADULT body – not the head and not for children.

            “Some protection is better than none” is really not the case and you’re guessing on what round is going to cause what level a damage (unless you have an actual ballistics study – then I’ll STFU) but until someone produces a study that shows 3A soft armor will protect the head against the MOST COMMON firearm threats 9mm, 40S&W 45ACP – this is a gimmick.

            Unless you want to post a video of you getting shot in the head while wearing it…

            Oh the report on the most common firearm threats is here:

          3. “You realize that all of our products are actually tested in a lab that meets the NIJ standard” So you guys aren’t even NIJ certified? And you want me to buy your product? LOL. Everyone says they meet the standard, yet they are mostly lies, deceptive, or just outright scam. Some protection is better than none. I would take a hoodie with Kevlar over none any day of the week. You can crack and even put a hole in your skull and still have a good chance of survival. Trying to discredit a hoodie with not even showing what kind of damage it would do is deceitful. Get some ballistic gel and actually test it, in different areas in the head with different calibers. Maybe then you can debunk it. But shooting a watermelon and trying to compare it to a skull is kinda dumb. Then you proceed to say that you meet the NIJ standard lol. Go get certified then talk shit 🙂

          4. Nick – that’s not the point. All that certification means is that you sent material to a lab and is passed a minimum test – no one is arguing that….but your comment reveals a real lack of understanding about ballistic protection and the NIJ testing standards.

            All NIJ testing is meant for adult subjects (not children). Specifically to your product the “Wonder Hoodie” – Soft armor is NOT tested for head protection or used to protect the head in ANY law enforcement or military application.


            When you have a moment you can read the NIJ test standard yourself here:


            Or…you can save yourself sometime and post of video of you getting shot in the head with your wonder hoodie on…

  2. I just purchased the wunderhoodie after debating several brands. The hoodie sold me because my daily commute is on a motorcycle and in a pinch I can stretch the hood up and over my helmet if I needed to. I have no doubts that if the kevlar held, a shot to the head with my helmet would not be fatal. Ignoring all that, when I’m not on my bike and the hood has no added protection, even if you completely cut off the hood or never put it up, it’s *still* level iiia protection at a lower price than yours.

    1. Sure – I’d like to see a video of you “stretching the hood over your helmet” in the event that you’re on your motorcycle and are faced with gun violence. So how do you envision it happening…in the 2 seconds you happen to park your bike and have your helmet on…Oh and I’m sure you’re going to have the presence of mind to pull your hood over your helmet when you hear shots fired and first determine it’s that and not fireworks and second – NOT CRAP YOUR PANTS when you actually see someone shooting.

      Or… someone could come up to you with a gun as soon as you get off your bike and you ask them to wait a minute while you pull up your hoodie.

      I don’t know what’s more ridiculous – the wonder hoodie or your helmet scenario.

      Aaron your comment reveals an extreme lack of understanding of how violence happens. Enjoy your wonder hoodie.

  3. How does your product compare with bulletproof everyone? I’m considering buying the sherpa or the urban at the level 3A protection. I am well aware of the fact that no matter which company I choose to buy bulletproof clothing from none of them will offer head protection, I’m getting it for body protection which is what it’s made for. So I’m just curious how your product stands up against bulletproof everyone product.

    1. Nice handle…

      I think they use panel inserts. Beyond that, IDK too much about them. The question is – how often will you use it? When ever you feel the need to wear a sweatshirt. Which when you think about it is limited to cooler weather. This is why we’re focusing on the backpack. You can take it anywhere and it doesn’t matter what temperature or weather. It’s a backpack…no one notices it.

  4. A 22mm depth indentation into the skull COULD not kill you though. It would either crack the skull and push a piece in. Or just crack it in general.. you’d almost certainly have an SAH/SDH/ICH/IPCH. You’d need to taken too Neuro surgery ASAP and could potentially survive and recover 100%.

    Or you don’t have the hood on. Ans the bullet penetrates the skull and blows your brains out the other side or mixes them up like a blender inside your skull and you 100% die.

    ANYTHING that will absorb and/or slow down a bullet heading towards your head, will increase chance of a better outcome. If you shot 1000 people with hoodie vs without. With same gun and bullets. From same distance. I’d guarantee you more of the ones with the hoodie would be saved.

    1. 1. The overwhelming caliber used in violent crime is .38 and above.
      Criminals prefer larger caliber weapons (report here).

      2. Are you a trauma surgeon Steve with specialization in Neurotrauma? I am not and you seem to know EXACTLY (with confidence) what will happen when the bullet impacts the skull…I’m sure you have studies you can provide to support your claim.

      But let’s assume you’re right…

      The chances of you wearing your hoodie, with the hood pulled up and your assailant shooing you in the head with a .22 caliber round are a statistical ZERO.

      So if Wonder Hoodie put on their website – “The hood may protect you against .22 caliber ammunition…I would say “OK” but you don’t. You mislead the public into thinking their head is protected.

      The tactical irresponsibility and lack of knowledge about REAL Violence is obvious.

          1. you think commenting back to people like this is good for your business??? 🤣
            based on all your comments, i would never even give you a penny!
            rude asf
            probably when you order it, it never comes based on how the customer service is, or you just get a regular backpack. mans is telling people to shoot them selves in the head like u do it bruh stfu. already know mans bout to write me a 5 page essay calling me stoopid or some like bruh i aint finna see that shit 😭😭😭😭
            u a whole ass burger damian ☠️☠️☠️

          2. Thank you for posting – you do realize that every time someone from Wonder Hoodie posts, it helps with SEO.

            And looking at your comment you would be happy to know that we support causes like Lifeworks and Kids in need. You’re an inspiration sir/madam.

  5. Not sure what you were trying to accomplish but I think this thread has been counterproductive for you. I doubt many people will ever buy from the man requesting people shoot themselves in the head. Your as out of line as a child coloring with crayons.

    1. I guess I have to spell it out for you even more, if that’s possible.
      Your company Wunderhoodie is making false claims by offering level 3A protection for the users head. It’s irresponsible and demonstrates an extreme LACK OF KNOWLEDGE when it comes to ballistic protection.

      So – if you don’t want to shoot a video of you getting shot in the head while wearing your product – please provide a lab study of the protective benefits of 3A soft armor protection for the head. It doesn’t need to be 101.06 study, any lab would do.

      As a manufacturer of a product that is meant to protect the head, you can have any ballistic labs, like Chesapeake Testing to do it. It would probable only cost you about 2K.

      Once you have this test, you can post it here.

      Thanks for playing,


      PS. What loser trolls on Christmas Day – don’t you have anything better to do?

  6. I agree that claiming bullet protection is not right, but the utility of this hood is unreasonably dismissed. In areas where knife attacks are common, it is unreasonable to assume this jacket is not an asset. It likely has excellent antistab and anti slash properties, in addition to its protective properties for the torso. The price is steep and I likely won’t be purchasing this product, however the knife protection is my primary reason for considering 3a protection on a hood in the first place. This article wreaks of spite and emotional instability.

    1. Hi Matt, Thanks for posting…however your anti-stab, anti-slash comment is not correct. Most people don’t know this but slash/stab certifications are completely different than ballistic ratings because the technologies oppose each other.

      Stab/slash resistant technologies are meant to allow the edge to penetrate the fabric and “snag” the edge while ballistic ratings are meant to absorb and disperse energy.

      You should have at least googled this first. But seeing as you probably work for Wonderhoodie I understand that you really don’t know the first thing about ballistic protection.

      As for “spite and emotional instability” you have an argument there…

      PS. You know Vy Tran the “founder” of Wonderhoodie purchased one of our fleeces before they launched and based their design on our fleece…you’re welcome!

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