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Two Bulletproof Jackets for the Price of One

base fleece bulletproof jacket vest on street - Bulletproof Jacket with Heavy Duty Outer Shell by Bodyguard

The concept is simple – to give you the most value without sacrificing performance.

The problem – purchasing multiple bulletproof jackets is EXPENSIVE limiting you to only one jacket.
That means, one season, one type of weather which equals LIMITED USE.

Solution – create a system that allows you to change the inexpensive outer jacket without having to purchase the expensive, ballistic protection again.

Now you can get much more use out of your jacket and stay protected in all weather, year round, wherever you go.

If you get the Heavy Duty Jacket with an Extra Outer Fleece you’ll have:

  1. An all weather jacket
  2. A water resistant vest
  3. A fleece
  4. A fleece vest
  5. A bulletproof vest (that can be worn under jacket or shirt)

Five protection options for the cost of ONE of their jackets. 

Any questions?

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