The Fatal Flaw with Bulletproof Jackets

The Fatal Flaw with Bulletproof Jackets

There is one EXTREMELY important feature lacking in most bulletproof jackets that you need to know about….your centerline is completely unprotected.

It doesn’t matter if the jacket costs $800 or $5,000, they all have this deadly flaw. 

DoubleTap design bulletproof jacket

Typical bulletproof jacket design doesn’t protect your centerline. This is bad.

This is because other manufacturers of bulletproof jackets insert the ballistic protection into the lining of the jacket and then close the jacket with regular buttons, zippers or snaps.

The result is a 2 to 5 inch gap down the centerline of your torso exposing all of your vital organs, this is the exact area everyone who has ever taken a shooting lesson is taught to shoot – center mass.

The result is an inferior product that doesn’t protect you where you need it most. And that’s not acceptable for something they’re going to charge you $800( or more).

This is why we came up with a simple solution which we call the DoubleTap™ for our Bodyguard Bulletproof Jacket.

Our uniquely patented design is fairly simple. Instead of taking the protection away from you most vital area, we DOUBLE IT with overlapping protection so you get 2X the coverage. Our 3A jackets, which are already hundreds less than the competition, give you two times the 3A protection where you need it most.

How the DoubleTap design works…

DoubleTap design bulletproof jacket

It’s not complicated, and it works great.

We’ve shot these jackets multiple times with a variety of weapons and every time I thought the DoubleTap would burst open…it didn’t.

At the end of the day there are really only three things you need to concern yourself with ballistic protection.

  1. What it will stop.
    Not bulletproof doesn’t mean it will stop all bullets. You need to look at what it’s rate for and the level of threat that’s out there.
  2. How much does it cover.
    The more coverage the better, but you can go overboard which brings me to my next point…
  3. Will you actually wear it.
    The idea of having your arms, legs and entire body festooned in body armor seems like a good idea, but when you try to move in it, you’re going to hate it. Many people have asked about protection on the arms and we’ve tested this and discovered that NO ONE WILL WEAR IT and it looks like you’re a robot…which will draw attention to yourself. Body armor will do you ZERO good if it’s in your closet. 

Body armor is about risk management. 

What type of risks you’re going to face and what you’re going to wear most often. I have ballistic vests, but would never put one on to go to the mall, movie or concert because it’s too much of a pain in the arse to put it on under my jacket or shirt and then sit through a movie, dinner or at work wearing it.

On the other hand, the bulletproof jacket or the switchblade backpack make so much more sense and seamlessly fit into my daily routine. There’s nothing like the confidence I have throwing on a jacket or slinging the backpack over your shoulder when you’re at a game. 

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