Sergeant “Bad Ass” called me a F@G!

Sergeant “Bad Ass” called me a F@G!

Self proclaimed “Bad Ass” from StepOneSurvival called me a “B#itch” and a “F@G”after I poked a little fun at him. 

The real quick….Guy reaches out to me on insta, wants to review the Bodyguard Armored Backpack ( – refers to himself as ssgt badass and SSgt B.A. USMC/DAV. In his signature.

I ask him to contact me by email and he does…still referring to himself as ssgt bad ass or SSgt. B.A.

No name, no “Hi this is Brian”, nothing – soooo I can’t help myself and respond with:

“Dear Mr. Ass…”

Hilarity ensues….

The whole email exchange is here:

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