School Shootings : How Schools ARE NOT Secure

School Shootings : How Schools ARE NOT Secure

In This Episode of the Kill or Be Killed Podcast… We give a simple outline of how every school can be secured without having to arm school staff.

Based on the Airport Model lets start treating schools like airports….

By the late 1970s hijacking airplanes was a common occurrence.

You could literally show up, buy a ticket and walk on the plane like it was a bus. No security checks, nothing. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that they started implementing some security precautions…and after 9-11 security is what it is today.

Now you have metal detectors, searches, carry on restrictions and air marshals on every flight. It’s been over 20 years and we have’t had an incident.

What about doing the same thing to our schools?

Look, because it involves children, we want to wish it away. Many people don’t want to see an armed guard or a metal detector. But the reality is…many inner city schools in high crime areas already have these precautions in place for decades.

We have heavy security at the airport, government buildings, sporting events and concerts….why not schools?

Below is a 7 point program for better school security. Much of this is being implemented already…

1. Armed, trained agent at every school (NOT Retired PD). This should be from a federal or state agency. A highly vetted, specifically trained officer for this job. Preferably someone with special operations experience. These officers should be rotated annually to avoid complacency.

2. Bulletproof vestibule that is the only way IN and OUT during school hours.

3. Cameras on every door, hallway, classroom and common areas.

4. Alarms that go off when a door/window is opened during school hours.

5. Metal detectors on the entrance.

6. Personal Body Armor Kits with trauma bags in every classroom.

7. The option for kids to have armor with them.

You can debate all of the gun control you want – but you still need to secure the target. Times have changed – we need to adapt and survive.

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