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Really excited to announce two new products coming to the Bodyguard Family next month!!!

NEW - Bodyguard Elite Bulletproof Backpack

This "Little Black Bag" is the coolest Bulletproof Backpack you can get!

Yes, I’m so excited I'm in my pajamas. This is the newest addition to the Bodyguard Bulletproof Backpack Line up.

The Elite can carry the same protection as the other bags (10X12 rifle plates, 11X14 soft armor). I have this set up with 2 rifle plates and a full size pistola (blue trainer).

This thing is really cool. Its about a 20-25 liter capacity...waiting for confirmation on this. It can carry your electronics, protection and a few other items...and armor and your pew - pew.

We are going to start taking preorders in March 2023 for delivery in April 2023.

Presale Pricing -

Backpack Only (no armor) $349 with Free Shipping

Level 3A Kit $449 free shipping

Level 3 Kit $749 free shipping


NEW Peacemaker CCW Bulletproof Jacket!

Body armor with a little surprise (this is some James Bond Sh!t)

Feature 1 - The Peacemaker CCW Bulletproof Jacket is a new patent pending design that provides front and back ballistic protection that accepts any 10x12 soft armor panels. You can order with or without protection.

Feature 2 - The Peacemaker also has breakaway false pockets that allow you to have your hand on your firearm and instantly draw your weapon from a 100% concealment. This allows you to take your weapon out of its holster and have it ready to go without brandishing.

We  start taking orders in March 2023 for delivery in April 2023

Presale Pricing...

No Armor $179 - Free Shipping

Level 3A Kit $279 - Free Shipping

Thanks for checking it out and Stay Safe!


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