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How Serious Are You About Gun Control?

How Serious Are You About Gun Control?

After every school shooting come the protests. There’s nothing worse than when children’s lives are cut short and when it’s at the hands of some broken individual…even worse. Now we can debate gun control, we can talk about mental health and what has changed over the last few decades that has opened the doors to these catastrophic events.

The real question I want to ask every protester out there demanding justice…what exactly are they concerned about?

I’m going to take a guess and say “the loss of innocent lives”.

OK, then how do you propose we stop it?

I’m going to also guess and say “take all the guns away.”

Now I’m going to ask, how successful has your effort to increase gun control over the last thirty years impacted in stopping active shooters?

The answer…ZERO.

They still happen and will continue to happen. The reality is the only thing that STOPS active shooters is armed security and the only thing that stops bullets is body armor.

I chuckle when I ask people who are for gun control, why they’re for gun control. The answer is always the increase in gun violence and active shooter events. I then follow up with asking are you concerned about your personal safety? What measures have you taken to protect yourself and your loved ones from getting shot?

The answer is NOTHING.

My response is, well, then you’re not really concerned about guns that much. Look, if you were on fire…you would put yourself out, stop – drop and roll but the gun thing…not so much.

If you’re really concerned about gun control and gun violence…what have you done to increase the safety of the communities that concern you?

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