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First Responder Bulletproof Backpack Update

bulletproof backpack deploying for front and back protection

I want to thank all of you for ordering The Bodyguard First Responder Bulletproof Backpack and I want to give you an update on this latest version.

It’s going to take 3 to 4 weeks longer than expected…so hang tight…you’ll be VERY HAPPY.

If you didn’t know, we have been working on this backpack for over 3 years. We filed for the patent in July 2018 and were working with  a factory in Israel on the design. After some time we decided to part ways – to make a long story short…they decided to do their own version which we didn’t like. Besides the limited cargo space and their refusal to sell it without protection so you can use your own armor.

Plus, there is a fatal flaw in the deployment mechanism. The cables used to hold the concealment chamber closed come out of the rip cords causing them to FAIL IN PLACE. Which means, when you go to deploy it under fire – NOTHING WILL COME OUT.

We’ve corrected the above issues in the First Responder Bulletproof Backpack and started working with two suppliers. After several sample approvals, supplier one provided us with a very small production run…which was a disaster. Ripcords failed, the armor didn’t fit correctly and the concealment compartment didn’t remain closed when full.

Fortunately supplier two came in with a REALLY incredible sample…but it wasn’t perfect. So after some back and forth overseas and battling holidays, COVID and insanely long parcel delivery times, we are on the cusp of an incredible (damn near perfect) product. I say “damn near” because nothing is perfect.

In the video I review the updates to your new First Responder Bulletproof Backpack and I assure you…it will be worth the wait.

Stay Safe,


The Punch List of Improvements:

Concealment Compartment

  • Close sides of concealment compartment by 12cm, add 3 magnets to the top to close it (remove velcro)
  • Structure in 3 walls of backpack and padding (like sample provided)
  • Enlarge pocket for rear plate carrier

Waist Belt

  • Velcro full length of belt (front and back)
  • Longer Belt (4 inches 10cm each side) We have some rounder customers 🙂

Shoulder Strap Details

  • Heavy Duty Shoulder Straps (like sample provided)
  • Longer Shoulder Adjustment straps for big bodies
  • Thicker Grab Handle (like sample provided)
  • Wider rip cords 3cm

To get the new and improved version, you can order it here:

First Responder Backpack

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