Dry Fire Training Essentials with Mike Ox

Dry fire with Mike Ox


In this episode of the Kill or be killed podcast I sit down with the Mad Scientist of Tactical Firearms Training, author of “Real World Gunfight Training” and creator of the Praxis Protocol Mike Ochsner (Ox)

Topics Covered:

  • How much dry fire training should you do
  • How important is dry fire training
  • What do you look for in choosing a conceal carry weapon
  • What are the mistakes to avoid
  • What are the 3 best dry fire drills
  • Why is .22 caliber for conceal carry gaining popularity


Get Mike’s book “Real World Gunfight Training” here: https://tsdc–dryfire.thrivecart.com/real-world-gunfight-training-bookcpa/

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Who is Mike Ox?

Mike Ochsner (Ox ) is the creator of the Dry Fire Praxis Protocol and the author of “Real World Gun Fight Training” He’s been called the Mad Scientist of Tactical Firearms Training. Mike is an NRA, Range Master, and UTM Level 2 Mil/LE instructor who is certified as a Force Science Institute Analyst for human performance factors in lethal force encounters.

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