Bodyguard Full Load Up

Switchblade Bulletproof Backpack ready for action


In this video we load up the Switchblade and there are some times (depending what you carry) that the center magnet will pop open. This is really not an issue. It will most likely pop when you’re wearing it. And when it’s on your body, no one is going to know that you have body armor…we have thousands of these out there and NOT ONE has been detected.

The most important issue is that it closes when it’s on the ground, off your body while not in service. This is where someone may look down.

That being said…there’s only so much these can carry. My son takes his to school and it’s loaded with all of his books (since I guess they don’t use lockers any more). It opens…and no one EVER notices. The main question is…do you want to have body armor with you or not? We make the Bodyguards to allow you to conceal carry body armor and take reasonable number of items with you.

Please post any questions and I’ll be gad to answer.

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