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Body Armor Company Accuses Me of Beating Children


Matt Morales accused me of beating up children.

On this episode of the Kill or Be Killed Podcast…

How a body armor company used false claims and mis-formation to sell body armor to unsuspecting parents…then when they I called them on it…they called me old, short, stupid, broke and accused me of fighting children.

I won’t say their name….but their initials are RTS Tactical…

Here is the original email from RTS Tactical Promoting their “NEW SOLUTION”

Here’s a link to the email thread with Matt Morales of RTS Tactical

Links to the studies mentioned in the podcast…

Nonfatal Injuries Sustained in Mass Shootings in the US, 2012-201

The Association of Firearm Caliber With Likelihood of Death From Gunshot Injury in Criminal Assaults


“Your armored products are poorly made and don’t protect anyone.”
– Matt Morales, RTS Tactical

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