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  • Base Fleece Outer Shell ONLY
  • conceal carry back up on bulletproof fleece
  • bulletproof fleece vest
  • bulletproof fleece with conceal carry back up both right and left
  • bulletproof fleece with conceal carry back up
  • bulletproof fleece with conceal carry

Base Fleece Outer Shell ONLY


  • Comfortable, stylish and affordable
  • Fits Any Bodyguard Tactical Jacket Ballistic Protection System
  • Removable sleeves gives you two jackets in one
  • Polyester Hypoallergenic Fleece Material
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2A plates capability
3A plates capability

How It Works

Where It Protects

The tactical jacket gives you full upper torso protection, with double-tap protection on your center line where the jacket closes. The jacket comes down to about mid-stomach, this is common in protective vests. Most people think it is supposed to go down to below their belt - this is wrong for two reason. The first is that when you’re under fire you will crouch, giving a smaller silhouette, this drops the protection down to cover your lower abdomen. Second is that you would not be able to sit in it. If the protection went lower, it would ride up and choke you every time you sat down. Needless to say we still provide the most area coverage possible.

What Is It Made Of?

Bodyguard Personal Protection Features

  • Exceeds NIJ Ballistic Standards for Protection Level 2A and Level 3A
  • Universal Conceal Carry System for any handgun and both right or left handed shooters
  • Life saving protection

Which Protection Level Should You Choose 2A or 3A?

Most civilians only need the 2A model. This will give you the life saving benefit to survive 82% of what you will encounter in the street. You can wear it every day and it’s not going to make you uncomfortable.

However, if you feel you want the SAME protection as Law Enforcement and want to survive over 90% of violence involving a firearm, then get the 3A.

How To Set Up Your Tactical Jacket

The Tactical Jacket is modular system with conceal carry back up. In this video we’re doing to show you how to remove the protection, change your outer shell, install your handgun back up and adjust the fit.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 5 in

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