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Bulletproof Backpack Torture Test

Bulletproof Backpacks – how do they REALLY work, what will they stop and will you survive?  We took the top selling Bulletproof Backpacks and tested it against the newcomer –…

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Understanding Bodyguard Bulletproof Jackets

Your questions answered about the Bodyguard Bulletproof Jacket. 1. Where does the bulletproof protection of the Bodyguard Jacket cover? 2. How should the jacket fit and where should it cover?  Generally you want…

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Bodyguard Bulletproof Tactical Jacket Break In

Check out this brief video about what to expect when you get your new Bodyguard. And if you haven’t purchased bulletproof clothing before, just watch the video BEFORE you purchase……

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Body Armor Buyer’s Guide

This will give you a decent understanding about Body Armor how it works and the different levels of protection. First, if you want to sound like an “EXPERT” you don’t…

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