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Are you being mislead by bulletproof backpack companies?

Bullet blocker bulletproof backpack fail - Are you being mislead by bulletproof backpack companies?

In the wake of school shootings bulletproof backpack manufacturers are cashing in on parents trying to protect their children, but how effective are these bulletproof backpacks and inserts against active shooters, and are these manufacturers overstating the ability of their products to protect your children?

Watch the video to see for yourself…

Damian Ross, founder of Bodyguard Personal Armour is a shocked by the industry, “I seriously question the tactical expertise and the ethics of these ballistic protection manufacturers when I see advertisements of kids holding level 3A backpacks and shields in front of their faces.”


Are you being mislead by bulletproof backpack companies
The “Armani” of Bulletproof Clothing Miguel Caballero suggest children use his level 3A backpack like the above.

Bulletproof doesn’t mean is can stop ALL bullets. 

There are varying levels of ballistic protection set by the National Institute of Justice.

The current NIJ Levels are 2A, 2, 3A, 3, (3+) 4.

Level 3A protection will do a good job against handguns. But keep in mind that level 3A rating is based on body armor worn by an average sized adult absorbing the impact against the body.






Bullet blocker bulletproof backpack fail
The US Company Bullet Blocker suggests using their 3A backpack like the above.

However, holding a 3A backpack or over your face is only going to get you killed. The blunt force trauma will probably knock you unconscious. And even if you could stand your ground with 3A armor – you’re likely going to get hit with the next shot.

The tactic of hiding behind armor is negligent. 

Ross comments, “A bulletproof backpack is NOT the Captain America Shield. When facing an active shooter you should either be RUNNING, HIDING or FIGHTING and when it comes to body armor, you want the most are of coverage and the highest level of protection – why mess around with anything else.”

In response, Ross and his team developed the Bodyguard Switchblade Personal Armor System. The only bulletproof backpack that gives you 3+ protection and the most front and back coverage area.

The below charts show you what level 2A, 3A and 3+ certifications will stop:

Level 2A Ballistic Protection will stop Level 3a ballistic protection will stopLevel 3+ ballistic protection will stop

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4 replies on “Are you being mislead by bulletproof backpack companies?”

  1. Very good point. But even if they were using the proper level of protection and wearing it correctly, it seems to me that a small child could not stand up to the energy or even momentum of a normal round and would likely be knocked flat, perhaps even unconscious, and likely with broken bones from an impact even if the panel stopped it cold. Have there been studies done showing the actual amount of energy delivered to a bullet-proof plate at various distances appropriate to a school shooter, for example? And from that data, has anyone worked out the likely physical/medical trauma to a small child from such a hit to their back/spine area?


  2. I got this comment from Dave K.

    “The comment raised a question about studies that I think would result in important information. Do you know of any such experiments or studies? And, it just occurred to me that if my ballistic calculations are correct, even if the panel did not fail, held like the picture would see it ripped out of their grip and them hit full in the face by panel, bullet, and everything. It’s only a guess but I’m assuming that would not be a good thing.”

    Yes, it would NOT be a good thing.

    First – all ballistic standards are tested for an ADULT BODY. Not head, or any other part – the torso.
    Second – there are NO ballistic tests that consider children.

    Ballistic testing allows for 22mm of impression in the target. 22mm in an adult – possible broken bone… in a child..death.

    Add to that the child (or adult) would not be able to hand on to the panel for long.

  3. However, it seems that arming children is only a half measure. The source of the problem is the lack of regulations regarding the possession of firearms. In many states, just visit one of the many specialized stores to become the owner of a semi-automatic rifle after a few minutes. Anyway I care about my protection and buy products from

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